Movers & Shakers FREE Summer 2015 Fitness

Movers&Shakersweb A short introductory course in Medi -Yoga and Indian Dance. The course facilitators Farah Fernandes and Subodh Rathod will lead participant through a series of exercises designed to support and improve health. Sessions help to tackle conditions such as diabetes and obesity. Participants are encouraged to complete all 5 sessions of yoga and / or dance in order to improve circulation and flexibility.
Open to beginners! for more info: click here

AND Fun way to keep fit with Capoeira: Brazilian martial art


Capoeira (pronounced cap-wearer) is a Brazilian martial art form, combining self-defense, acrobatics, dance, music and song. It was developed by slaves who used it to disguise the fact that they were practicing fight moves. Only the hands and feet touch the floor.
Tony Alves, born in Brazil, is an experienced Capoeira teacher who has
worked and taught in Brazil , Portugal , Spain , Belgium, France, Dubai and the UK. He will run 4 taster sessions in September 2015 on Fridays in Wood Green Library. Open to all and beginners!

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