Helton Vilar

That’s a good question, which Director Richard Mansfield tries to respond. He tells us about The Secret Path, a drama set in the 1810s, telling the story of two British gay marines who flew persecution to embark into a journey of suspense and horror. Mansfield gives us a brief introduction on his film and also approaches the lack of productions telling stories of how gays have overcome different moments of history.

The Secret Path 78
Director Richard Mansfield’s The Secret Path will be London Premiere at GFEST 2014 films

“The Secret Path is a period drama, romance and horror film about Frank and Theo; two sailors in love escaping the British Navy in 1810 and falling prey to a supernatural force. I think we’re starting to see more period LGBT films with films like ‘Pride’ and ‘The Imitation game’ and they’re being made for a mainstream audience, which is very encouraging.

I’d love to see more LGBT period dramas focusing on LGBT characters throughout the ages and spanning different genres like horror. We were very lucky with the production, we filmed guerrilla on location. You never know what you may come across when out in the elements but the rain held off and we had the place to ourselves most of the time. It was pretty cold though and there were a lot of planes going overhead meaning I had to re-record the dialogue in post-production.

The audience should pay particular attention to the relationship between the two men, it’s very sweet authentic and romantic. I was thrilled the way they brought the characters of Frank and Theo to life. I made ‘The Secret Path’ for a gay audience but I hope it has crossover qualities”.

The Secret Path screening happens at GFEST – Gaywise FESTival on Tuesday, 18/11 at 8.15 pm at Rich Mix, 35-47 Bethnal Green Road, London E1 6LA