Written by: Helton Vilar

The first of the GFEST 2014 film screenings will be about being gay in Russia. The opening piece features the Le Zbor Choir, a group of lesbian singers from Zagreb, Croatia. This is a beautiful performance of the traditional Russian song Katjusha, paying homage to the fight for the GLBT rights in that country. The idea is to raise awareness to the recent threats against human rights, such as the anti-gay legislation, approved shortly before the Sochi Winter Olympics. Directed by Tomislav Fiket, the idea of this short film is to engage people by showing sympathy to the situation in Russia and around the world.

+Le ZborTo Russia with lovephoto


The second production is a feature drama based on the same context. After witnessing a homophobic murder in the streets of Moscow, Anton (Renat Shuteev), along with his boyfriend Vlad (Andrey Kurganov) start a thrilling investigation, which will put at risk his own safety in order to prove the truth. Stand is a feature film, and brings two emerging stars, Shuteev and Kurganov, who have appeared in productions in Russia and France. The production had a world premiere in San Francisco, USA, and now has its debut at London GFEST – Gaywise FESTival 2014

A Q&A session with actor Andrey Kurganov will happen just after the film screening. The screening happens on Saturday, 15/11 at 12 noon at Rich Mix, 35-47 Bethnal Green Road, London, E1 6LA