Not-to-be-missed screenings in November: GFEST 2014 feature films and shorts at Rich Mix in Shoreditch.
Organised by art charity Wise Thoughts each year, London’s eclectic cross-art festival ‘GFEST 2014’ film screenings will include this autumn’s best selection of LGBTQI flicks. The film programme is billed as ‘Modern Myths’ under this year’s festival theme ‘Myths & Mythology’. The screenings will take place from 15th to 18th November 2014 and include thought provoking as well as entertaining movies. GFEST 2014 film programme is now live on:  http://gaywisefestival.org.uk/film-screenings/
GFEST 2014 films include a number of UK and London premiere titles:
The critically acclaimed ‘STAND’ – a Russian feature film directed by Jonathan Taieb will open the screenings. British filmmakers Jake Graf and Richard Mansfield will present ‘Brace’ a queer short film, and the feature ‘The Secret Path’ respectively.  Brazilian director Daniel Ribeiro’s gay teen drama ‘The Way He Looks’ along with Erin Davies’ ‘Fagbug Nation’, a popular follow up to the original ‘Fagbug’, are to be screened. Filmmakers Casper Andreas and David Färdmar, whose films have been a part of previous GFESTs screenings, will together premiere a short film ‘A Last Farewell’.
Festival director Niranjan Kamatkar said, “GFEST 2014 films dispel stereotypes that occasionally surround the LGBTQI cultures. These remarkable celluloid dramas and documentaries also engage with both gay and straight audiences alike, while spinning a few ‘Modern Myths’ for the future generations. The films mirror the current pressing issues and offer a united loud voice to LGBTQI identities in contemporary London.”
GFEST 2014 filmmakers and the stars are expected to participate in the Q&A sessions, after each film screening.
GFEST 2014 visual arts exhibition line-up is announced earlier this month and details of GFEST 2014 performance, debates events etc., also to go live shortly on the festival website: http://gaywisefestival.org.uk

For further information, images and interview, please contact: info @ wisethoughts . org / 0208889955