QBoyImagecredit Pepo Bethencourt
QBoy Image credit Pepo Bethencourt

International Hip-hop star QBoy will present his recent work at GFEST – Gaywise FESTival at Bernie Grant Arts Centre in Tottenham on 9 November 2013.

For information on GFEST 2013 performances and booking please visit : http://gaywisefestival.org.uk/performances/

A quickfire Q & A with QBoy:

What are working on right now?

Completing my current pop project – an E.P. which includes my new single ‘Music Makes Us Dance’ and my cover of ‘Pop Muzik’

Your reasons for agreeing to present your work as part of GFEST?

It’s an ideal opportunity for me to perform some of my newer material.

Why do you think events like GFEST are still necessary?

Any platform allowing LGBT artists to promote themselves, especially where they might not have opportunity elsewhere, can only be a great thing.

How would you like your work to be remembered ?

The best.

Many Thanks and best wishes to QBoy from GFEST 2013 team.