Portrait Photographer Marta Kochanek will present a series of her work from the project ‘LME series’ at GFEST – Gaywise FESTival 2013 ‘Riot of Colours’ exhibition LMEProject_1cropat Bernie Grant Arts Centre. The festival will take place during 7 to 9 November and comprises of film screening, visual art exhibition, performances, workshops and a Bollywood themed party.

More on GFEST 2013 events and booking information: http://gaywisefestival.org.uk/

We asked Marta a few questions about her work.

What are working on right now?

There are some new photography projects on which I am working right now, however it is still to early to make a statement as at this stage I concentrate on research. I also actively promote and develop finished photography projects and We Love We Make We Exists is one of them.

How do you see your artwork?

I am a Portrait Photographer and no matter if it is a commission or a personal project I do concentrate on people. I am very much intrigued in the unpredictable results obtained from the experiment between the subject and myself. I am pretty much inspired by people. I am actually inspired by people obsessively. The discovery of people’s charisma, mood, and emotion at the exact moment the shutter clicks is what makes my photographs more than a mere shot.

I do mainly start with a concept in my mind but once I’m on set in front of the person I am to photograph … I just let the energy guide.

Your reasons for agreeing to present your work as part of GFEST?

I participated in last year group exhibition showing my previous project about Queer Artists. I received a very positive feedback and I did enjoy a very friendly atmosphere during the show. My Queer’ists Project was very warm welcomed by the organizers and also the audience. Being very much interested in knowing and meeting new people I did not think twice this year and I happily joined!

Why do you think events like GFEST are still necessary?

Of course! London needs such kind of events that brings up many LGBT artists in one place.

How would you like yourself or your work to be remembered?

My aim was to create a clear and positive image of random homosexual families to show off as well as prove all values that homosexual family can deliver to raise healthy and happy children. I wanted to speak loud and reach attention of both homosexual as well as heterosexual families. Taking into account the whole year I think I can say that I met an end.

 A last word?

Be creative and be yourself, always!

Many thanks and best wishes to Marta from GFEST 2013 team.