SONY DSCLeading performance poet Dean Atta will present his new work at GFEST – Gaywise FESTival at Bernie Grant Arts Centre in Tottenham on 9 November 2013.

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A quick Q & A with Dean Atta:

What are working on right now?

In recently I started working 4 days a week in a school as a Spoken Word Educator teaching poetry and performance. I am also studying at Goldsmiths College, University of London, for a Masters degree. Outside of that I run a monthly poetry event in London and Brighton called ‘Come Rhyme With Me’, which provides a platform for writers, poets, rappers and musicians.

How would you describe your own practice?

I would describe myself as a writer and performer. My work in schools as a Spoken Word Educator is also an important part of my practice. I find work with children and young people helps to keep my work fresh and relevant. I write from my own experience and as well as from observation and in reaction to current affairs, especially on issues of equality/injustice.

Your reasons for agreeing to present your work as part of GFEST?

I have previously performed at GFEST and it was a really important performance for me as it was the first and only time my father came to see me perform my poetry. Since then GFEST has had an important place in my heart. I am happy to return with brand new writing to share.

Why do you think events like GFEST are still necessary?

I think events like GFEST are important because they provide a safe and celebratory space for likeminded artists and audiences to share work without any fear of prejudice or rejection.

How would you like yourself or your work to be known? 

I would like to be known as someone who spoke out when it mattered and spoke from the heart. I would like my work to be known for many years to come and be studied in schools and university and shared and loved by people long after I am gone.

A last word?

I wish GFEST another successful year and that everyone who comes to experience it this year comes away changed for the better in some way.

Dean Atta’s debut poetry collection ‘I Am Nobody’s Nigger’ is out now in all good book stores.

Many Thanks Dean, and best wishes from GFEST 2013 team.