Filmmakers Saadat Munir and Saad Khan will screen a short film version of their film at GFEST – Gaywise FESTival® in London on 8 November. Their much acclaimed film ‘Chuppan Chupai’ – Hide & Seek – based is on Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer (LGBTQ) stories from Pakistan.  More on GFEST 2013 film programme and booking:

A still from the film Hide & Seek – Chuppan Chupai


Filmmaker Saadat Munir shares a few thoughts with us before the GFEST 2013 screening:

Q. What are working on right now?

A. Currently I am trying to pull strings on 2 projects, one is a film on female version of Hide & Seek – Chuppan Chupai – but it may not be shot in Pakistan but (will be based) on diaspora of Pakistani lesbians and F2M trans persons.

Another project is putting up a film festival that shows films on issues related to genders and sexualities, something political that also includes queer/Lgbt films, our target is Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi.

How do you see your films or can you describe your own work?

My work is a result to find an answer to question which we all from the diaspora have in our minds: Do sexual minorities exit in country like Pakistan? If yes,  how do they survive?

The whole procedure of working on this film – developed by doing stuff and nothing was pre-planned – I am thankful to all my team who supported me and believed in my ideas.

What was the reason to present your work at GFEST 2013?

GFEST seems to represent different genres of art from South Asia (in London, UK) and has a focus on Lgbt/Queer art.

Why do you think events like GFEST are still necessary?

They bring awareness, for educational purposes, community service and most importantly representation of minorities such as South Asian Queers who face double (or multiple) discrimination.

How would you like your work to be remembered as?

Something that raises the question in people’s mind – to do something and deliver change and give rights to those who are living in such circumstances.

A last word?

I would like you all to support Pakistani Lgbt community and do your bit to make this world a safer space.

Many thanks and best wishes to Saadat Munir from GFEST 2013 team. Saadat Munir is expected to attend the Filmmakers Q & A after GFEST 2013 films screening on 8 November at Bernie Grant Arts Centre  N15 4RX in Tottenham, London, UK.

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