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Filmmaker Tomer Heymann’s Film ‘I Shot my Love” will be shown as part of FREE screenings  at Bruce Castle Museum on 29 September 2012.

Organised by Arts charity Wise Thoughts will showcase exciting films by established and emerging film-makers, to reflect the plethora of cultures and communities that come together to make up the LGBTQI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, queer & Intersex) communities. The event is supported by Film London, The Mayor of London & Haringey Council as part of ‘Project Tottenham’.

A quick Q & A with Tomer on the eve of his film screening:

Can you tell us why you made this film?

I wanted to talk about the second generation of the Germans and the Israelis after the Holocaust. My grandfather escaped from Nazi Germany to Palestine, and he started a new life in Israel. Many years later, his grandson returns to his native country to present his film “Paper Dolls” at the Berlin International Film Festival, and there meets a man who would change his life.

How should people see your work?

The audience of “I Shot My Love” should watch my work in a very personal and intimate way – what I mean is that the best way to enjoy my films is to come with open minds, without any previous reference and to be ready to watch without judging.
My films show a different perspective of Israel, less known to the world. Therefore, people must be swept up and embark on an emotional journey.

Are there any specific themes and topics that inspire you create the work?

In my films I usually talk about sexuality. I also find it interesting to show the conflicts inside the family.
Moreover, you can always find the ”queer” aspect in my works, since it’s part of who I am. One of my main goals it’s to reach all kinds of people, not just the queer audience, to show this world.

Can you describe the creative process behind the work and how it works for you?

I shoot all the material for a long time. Normally the characters of my films are my relatives – there are no borders between my life and my work.
But when I sit down to watch the footage, I just observe without my familiar references, and I create a completely new argument.

What are your future plans (re any new film work)?

My brother and I are now shooting a new docu-series about Israeli families for Israeli TV. Furthermore, we are now in the post-production stage of our new film “Mister Gaga”, which portrays Ohad Naharin’s life in the Batsheva Dance Company.

Ideally, who is the target audience for your film?

Smart people who are ready to open their minds and understand any kind of new topic; I’m interested in people who want to go beyond the images, and who respect new perspectives of life.
With all my films, I’m my toughest public – once I feel that I said all I wanted to express, I release the film for others.

Thanks Tomer for your answers and best wishes from Wise Thoughts team.

More information:

Wise Thoughts organises GFEST – Gayewise FESTival, recognized as London’s LGBTQI cross-art festival for all.

For any images/ further information please contact: / 02088899555

The screenings to take place in Lecture Hall at Bruce Castle Museum,  Lordship Lane, London N17 8NU     Nearest Tube: Seven Sisters / Wood Green Buses: 123/ 243.