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Arts charity Wise Thoughts will showcase exciting films by established and emerging film-makers, to reflect the plethora of cultures and communities that come together to make up the LGBTQI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, queer & Intersex) communities. FREE screenings will be held on Saturday 29 September at Bruce Castle Museum and are supported by Film London, The Mayor of London & Haringey Council as part of ‘Project Tottenham’.

We caught up with Harrison Marsh, whose film ‘Expectations’ will be shown as a part of the screenings. A quick Q & A with Harrison:

Can you tell us what was the reason behind making of ‘Expectations’?

We were interested in making a film about current social issues, and it felt like the general consensus was that being gay today was easy. While it may be easier than in the past, in this country at least, we set out to explore just some of the thoughts and emotions that might form a barrier to gay people today preventing them from living their life freely.

How should people see your work?

I suppose we hope the film reminds people that it can be hard to feel different from everybody else. We hope people take something away from it.

Are there any specific themes and topics that inspire you to create the work?

The inspiration for the structure of the film, going inside the main character’s mind, actually came from our course leader and classmates rejecting the idea that we could make a film about a character “coming out”. I wrote down all the reasons why it might still be difficult, and this turned into the script.

Can you describe the creative process behind the work and how it works for you?

The writing of the script was a continual process. This film was pretty much the first time we had worked with actors, and their interpretations of the script showed us different avenues we could take with the story. That was a great experience.

What are the future plans?

I am currently working on a feature length screenplay, about how society might rebuild after a pandemic or extinction event!

Ideally, who is the target audience for your film?

We hope the film might be seen by people struggling with the issues we address within it. Whether or not it might encourage someone to make the often difficult decision to ‘come out’ remains to be seen… But hopefully it speaks to at least one person that watches it!

Thank you Harrison for your answers and best wishes from Wise Thoughts.

More information:

Wise Thoughts organises GFEST – Gayewise FESTival, recognized as London’s LGBTQI cross-art festival for all.

For any images/ further information please contact: / 02088899555

The screenings will take place in Lecture Hall at Bruce Castle Museum,  Lordship Lane, London N17 8NU  Tel 020 8808 8772    Nearest Tube: Seven Sisters / Wood Green Buses: 123/ 243.