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Tamer Ruggli’s film ‘Cappuccino’ is selected to show at  GFEST – Gaywise FESTival 2011 Film events.  GFEST 2011 Short Film Screenings will take place at Prince Charles Cinema, 7 Leicester Place, London WC2H 7BY on Tues 8 / Wed 9 / Thus 10 Nov at 7.15 pm / Box Office: 020 74943654 /

We asked Tamer about the film, other film work and creativity in general.

Tamer Ruggli

How do you see your own film or film work? 

“Cappuccino” is a tender, yet somehow cynical look at a young boy’s first crush. I also see it as a story of a mother and her son, coming of age together.

How would you describe your own filmmaking process? 

I like to try out things during the shoot. Especially when you work with young, non-professional actors who still have a very natural and spontaneous way to act. I also have the need to feel very close to my actors, make them feel comfortable and gain their trust. Trust may be the most important thing an actor can give you!

Are there any external factors that help you creatively?

I come more from a visual arts background. I paint and draw a lot. I surely start drawing characters and places before I actually start to write. You can draw an idea and it’ll cost you nothing. It’s a good way to figure out if something would work or not. I have a pretty much bizarre family as well with inspiring life stories. That helps a lot to enrich your characters!

How do you look at reinventing yourself or work on reflecting progression in your work?


It’s not like I have a lot of films that I can look back to. I can see that I’m definitely fascinated by women and strange situations. I like to make humor about things that are not necessarily funny. Make laugh when you know you shouldn’t. What I know for sure is that I like to create characters that people will remember.

What are the most important themes and elements that feed into your creativity?

Women and sexuality are recurring themes in my films. The characters in my films often feel different and misunderstood. I like to show that beauty they have within, the reason why they feel different.

Can you describe the creative process behind the work and how it works for you?

“Cappuccino” is my graduation project at the film school back here in Switzerland. I had a year to write, shoot and finish the film.

How would you like your work to be known? 

As something fun and colorful with a deep message.

Any single wish?

It starts with a J. and ends with a Moore.

Thank you Tamer and best wishes from GFEST team.

For more information on GFEST – Gaywise FESTival 2011 please contact: Subodh Rathod, Wise Thoughts / GFEST – Gaywise FESTival
Tel: 020 8889 9555 /


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