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Baroness Oona King, who is a freelance diversity executive at Channel 4, offered her views on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender (LGBT) diversity in media on camera for a proposed Gay Talk Show. Baroness King, while talking about wider gender, race and LGB & T related diversity and stereotypes,  said, “Lesbians really aren’t portrayed very often and certainly not to reflect the population at large.”  Based on research study findings, Baroness King noted that  ‘overall on-screen LGB & T representation in the TV world is 1 to 1.5 %, and we need to look at why aren’t LGBT people represented in 95% of the mainstream programming.’  She emphasised if broadcasters cut off an under represented group –  especially LGBT with their spending power – then they are impacting their ability to deliver their business model. The views expressed in this interview are her personal views and do not necessarily reflect any Channel 4 policy.

(L-R) Helen Sandler, Oona King and Niranjan Kamatkar

The short interview was conducted by writer & journalist Helen Sandler, who said, “I enjoyed talking to Oona. I am sure people would be interested to see what she had to say about LGB & T programming.”

Niranjan Kamatkar, artistic director GFEST – Gaywise FESTival, London’s LGB & T arts fest for all, and who organised the interview said, “We are very pleased with Oona King’s support and that she agreed to talk about the coverage of  gay topics in broadcast media. We also hope commissioners will offer more  gay themed mainstream programmes.”

The interview clip will be soon put up here and on YouTube channel of Wise Thoughts.

Wise Thoughts organises GFEST, London’s LGBT, queer art festival for all.

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