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Filmmaker Stoo Iresen will be showing his film ‘DRUM HEART’ at GFEST 2010 Short Film Screening 1 @ Rich Mix, 35 – 47 Bethnal Green Road, London, E1 6LA / Box Office: 020 7613 7498 / £8.50, £6 Cons

Thurs 11 Nov @ 7.30PM and Sat 13 Nov @ 9.30PM

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A quick chat withStoo:

What are you doing right now?
I’ve just finished shooting my next film, and piecing together a rough-cut. Also, recovering from the stress of the experience – though happy with my rushes.
How do you see your own work?
I make short films that I think of as the equivalent of poetry as much as prose. I like subjective, slightly surrealistic explorations of a character’s mind-space.
How relevant is your work or practice  today to be a part of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) or queer art work?
My work is relevent, though I don’t often deal with specific LGBTQ issues. LGBTQ folk also deal with the more general problems of being human that everybody faces as well as these more specific problems.

A Still from Stoo Iresen's Drum Heart

Tell us more about the process:

I’ve researched and practised compositing techniques such as using chroma-key. This enables me to shoot entirely in my make-shift studio with little money spent on transport and locations. As well as saving me money, it means I can quite intensely stylise my work.

Do you see yourself as ‘queer artist’?
I don’t see myself entirely as a queer artist. Though i havent got around to it yet, I also want to submit some of my films to non – LGBTQ screenings -though I don’t know yet what the reception would be. I also want to represent Queer characters strongly in my stories, but not exclusively.
How do  fund your work?
I just don’t pay my rent… though my films are relatively cheap to make, it’s still a struggle. I feel I am getting closer to that elusive funding – but not quite there yet.
How do you publicise or market your work?
I don’t publicise my work very well. I’m not a fan of social media which doesn’t help. I do get my work shown at various LGBTQ and Queer DIY Festivals across the world though – no problems there.
How would you like yourself to be known?
I don’t really think much too much about that – or strive to be perceived in a certain way. In my private life I don’t talk much about my film-making – it’s primarily for my own enjoyment.
How do you see tomorrow’s ‘gay or queer art’ scene?
I think it’s important to address the issues that affect LGBTQ folk as they arise and diminish. But I also think its important to work towards cross cultural understanding with the non LGBTQ specific art scene.
A single wish?
I want funding!

Thank you Stoo and best wishes from GFEST.
Now in its fourth year, GFEST is supported by the Mayor of London, dignitaries, Ministers and MPs from all the leading parties, various London boroughs and Arts Council England.

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