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Zorras will be presenting their performance at GFEST 2010 PerformancesCochrane Theatre, Southampton Row, Bloomsbury, London WC1B 4AP. Box Office: 020 7269 1606
Fri 19 Nov / 7.30PM

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A Q & A with Zorras:

What are you doing right now?

Zorras are rehearsing for our upcoming mini-tour in London and Manchester. We’re also preparing the 19th October edition of the queer and trans cabaret we run in Edinburgh, Cachín Cachán Cachunga!


How would you describe your own work?

Zorras make “poetry-music-video-weirdness fusion. With megaphones”. We mix text, sound poetry, percussion, singing, guitar, megaphones and projected images. We like a little humour with our passion, a lot of art with our politics.

How relevant is your work or practice today to be a part of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) or queer art work?

Zorras focus on our various communities: queer, genderqueer, trans, minority ethnic, migrant, working class, women’s and disabled. We’re interested especially in the intersection(s) of communities; on eliminating prejudice in our own backyard.

Tell us more about the process:

Sandra Alland writes poems and stories, Y. Josephine composes and plays music, Ariadna Battich and Sandra make photographs and films. Sometimes one of us creates something and the others respond. Sometimes we create together.

Do you see yourself as ‘queer artists’?

Complicated question, but mostly Yes. We’re two-thirds queer (spot the straight!). But queer is more than just sexuality to us; it’s a culture and politics we’ve joined by choice. Vaguely like the difference between a woman and a feminist woman…


How do you fund your practice?

Ha! Is this a trick question? We play gigs, busk, sell CDs and books. We work at jobs we hate that have nothing to do with art. We fail miserably at capitalism, which in the end is mostly reassuring.

How do you publicise or market your work and would you require any specific support?

Our publicist and manager are superheroes. But 85% of reporters ignore us because we a) promote queer and trans culture, and b) aren’t easily labeled ‘music’ or ‘books’. Zorras are under-funded for posters, CD distribution, travel and visas.

How would you like yourself  to be known?

Y: Awesome-ness.

Sandra: Fierce and funny.

Ariadna: Anything but ‘that small Argentinian girl at the back’.

How do you see tomorrow’s ‘ gay or queer art’ scene?

The gay scene is increasingly moneyed, and often doesn’t serve the needs of its community. We hope for more work from gay or queer artists and arts’ organisations around issues of trans inclusion, disability access, anti-poverty and anti-racism.

A single wish ?

Ariadna: More women technicians in arts venues.

Sandra: David Cameron gets hit by lightning and preaches anarchism. Also, more bisexual and trans artists at LGBT festivals.

Y: Beer in the dressing room?

Thank you Zorras – Ariadna, Sandra & Y. and best wishes from GFEST.

Now in its fourth year, GFEST is supported by the Mayor of London, dignitaries, Ministers and MPs from all the leading parties, various London boroughs and Arts Council England.
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