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Stand up performer Liz Carr will be presenting her performance at GFEST 2010 PerformancesCochrane Theatre, Southampton Row, Bloomsbury, London WC1B 4AP. Box Office: 020 7269 1606
Thursday 18 Nov / 7.30PM

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GFEST 2010  Q & A with Liz:

What are you doing right now?

Right now I’m eating prawn fajitas and watching X Factor.  I’m sorry… Generally in life, I’m working freelance as a comic and podaster, working fulltime for a TV company and planning my impending civil partnership!

How do you see your  own practice?

My work as a stand-up represents my world view as a disabled woman.  I like telling it as it is, not to shock or be confrontational on purpose but because I like to just cut through people’s inhibitions and assumptions around disability.

Liz Carr

How relevant is your work or practice today to be a part of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) or queer art work?

My stand-up is informed by my identity as a disabled dyke and as such it’s always a total joy to perform in environments where the other performers and the audience are open and embracing of difference.

Tell us more about your reasons for presenting your work as part of GFEST 2010?

My work for GFEST this year is entitled Live, Love, Laugh and is a celebration of the fabulous twists and turns of life.   In the weeks preceeding the festival, I will have made a major career change and will have organised a rather large day of the dead themed wedding.  I think it will be a lot of fun to play with all this on stage through my stand up.

Do you see yourself as ‘gay or queer artist’?

I see my work as part of the gay  or queer art world as much as it’s part of the disability art world – I define myself as a disabled dyke and feel that it’s impossible to separate my identity from from work and world view.  It’s integral to who I am and to my comedy.

How do you resource your practice?

Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to have some Arts Council support for specific projects like my one woman play, It Hasn’t Happened Yet.  Otherwise, I resource my work through securing paid comedy gigs and through self-finance as I also have other jobs that allow me to do this.

How well do you publicise or market your work?

I could learn a lot about how to better promote myself and my work.  For example, my play was cancelled at a number of venues because of lack of ticket sales.  I have a website but don’t update it enough.  I use Facebook and email lists.

Liz Carr

How would you like yourself to be known?

As funny, clever and original.  If I can tick those boxes, I’d be content.

How do you see tomorrow’s ‘gay or queer art’ scene?

I’m not sure yet…  Having been out for just over 3 years and including my sexuality in my work since then I have been part of the mainstream, disability and queer comedy world.  I would just like to see greater voice and prominence given to queer arts – In terms of comedy, I’ll like audiences to realise that there’s more to queer comedy than Alan Carr and Ellen Degeneres – as good as they may be.

A single wish ?

For there to be increased funding and support for queer arts or perhaps in this current climate I should be wishing for the existing resources to be saved!

Thank you Liz and best wishes from GFEST

Now in its fourth year, GFEST is supported by the Mayor of London, dignitaries, Ministers and MPs from all the leading parties, various London boroughs and Arts Council England.
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