It all started with a simple idea! For marketing activities of GFest -gayWise LGBT Arts Festival – London’s premier cross-arts festival in November (known as GFest for short), we needed to create online network/s of like-minded art lovers. Although GFest is an annual event in November, related activities run through out the year.

We also needed to have an access to groups of people who are loosely connected by common interest in arts and culture and who are interested in receiving round the year news, blogs / gossip updates from an online resource.

Hence we started creating integrated web based social media & community news, re tweet networks (links below) under GFest banner for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender (LGBT) art and queer artists.

The facebook posed even greater challenge in the past since one GFest account was cancelled due to a technicality.

Despite all the non-profit (GFest is organised by arts charity Wise Thoughts) nature of activities some people responded with a marked resistance to establishment or promotion of GFest web networking activities. One common theme emerged from last years LGBT arts debate was the arts are very conservatives and change is a slow process, despite the cultural perception that the arts can have bleeding or cutting edge tools.

What is refreshing that a lot of young people from around the world want to be a part of GFest web based networks (links below) and that’s a great hope to keep us going.

Thank you to all those who support us in making GFest an LGBT and queer arts festival for ALL.

Niranjan Kamatkar, London, July 2009

Artistic Director  – WISE THOUGHTS / GFest – gayWise LGBT Arts Festival