Who are your own GayICONS:

National Portait Gallery is exhibiting some very powerful & exciting images in a ground breaking exhibition, chosen by 10 eminent LGBT selectors. Each selector presented his/ her own six GayICONS, who MAY or MAY NOT be gay, whom they personally regard as inspirational.

So.. Let’s get a word out and we can all join ‘the PRIDE to name our own GayICONS’.

They can be GayArtsICONS or GayLeaderICONS or ProudGayICONS.

You can select as many and as many times! You decide!

You can tweet, send a word of your own GayICONS on your Facebook or any other socialmedia networks.

And, as always, please help us pass a word around.

Enjoy n best wishes

Niranjan Kamatkar – Artistic Director & GFest team