It is very refreshing to note the overwhelming media coverage on Carol Ann Duffy’s appointment as the poet laureate last week. Most of the features & news items seemed very positive about a women being appointed in the post in the honour’s 341-year history. The Sunday newspapers covered sensitive to very interesting interviews with the poet.
One Sunday broadsheet also carried an almost insightful article, mostly devoted to Lesbian & Gay coming out, by Rachel Johnson, sister of Mayor of London. It articulated a much needed and supportive viewpoint from a mainstream media columnist talking about some LGBT issues & refusing to treat homosexuality as a taboo subject.
In the same section, even Jeremy Clarkson passingly admitted an existence of ‘Somlian Lesbian’! Andrew Sullivan, another columnist mentioned the veteran Republican senator Arlen Specter’s sympathy to gay rights. And a feature on next page presented a nice photograph of Margot James and her views on Tory promotion of women parliamentary candidates in key seats.
It was a feeling as if suddenly LGBT issues are occupying central ground of media attention, as sometimes they need to be.