There is an opportunity waiting to be tapped, into the ever expanding world of digital content distribution (TV broadcast, internet, radio, etc.) .

Recently, the Department for Culture, Media & Sports launched the Free – to – AirListed events review. On Tuesday 21 April 2009 a webchat with David Davies (Chairman of the Free-to-Air Events Review Advisory Panel) included some questions from public on the review of the list of major national events that are protected for free television broadcast coverage.

We sent him a question from GFest, which received a fairly encouraging answer. It would be great to see if LGBT / queer artists are able to participate in this open consultation process and the possibility of the inclusion of LGBT arts events for free public broadcast.

Niranjan Kamatkar: Will the consultation process to identify key events include or allow for feedback from the artistic community and specifically organisations working with; promoting and supporting the arts and artists created by people from marginalised groups i.e. LGBT people and festivals such as GFest-gayWise LGBT Arts Festival?

David replied: To date, the UK has only listed sporting events. Some other countries do list non-sporting events and we have been asked to consider whether we might do likewise. So we have consulted a number of cultural groups particularly the Arts Councils of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Anybody can take part in the consultation process

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